Quality assurance of every package


Digital shelf-life testing using sensors connected to the cloud. Monitor the shelf life of products with patented gas sensing technology that has a 90% correlation with microbiological and sensory testing.

More control

Run and manage quality tests on-site.

Faster results

Standardized results with future predictions.

Reduce waste

Measure the entire shelf life from a single pack.


Real-time monitoring on a package level. Digitize every pack with RFID technology, replacing inventory monitoring and eventually use-by dates.

Customer satisfaction

Spot problems early and reduce off-complaints.

Reduce product waste

Extra shelf life cuts waste by 25% in stores.

Cut energy costs

Reduce energy spends by adjusting fridge temperatures.


Supply chain audits to maximise product quality and improve operational efficiency. Add shelf life with use-by dates based on real supply chain data and analyse freshness by package, route and supplier.


Temperature, freshness and location data.

Add extra life

Monitor the shelf life of products based on data.


Oversight of the supply chain, from routes to stores.

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