Campden BRI Validation Study

Campden BRI concludes that BlakBear freshness sensor data correlate strongly with microbiological testing and sensory grading.

ACS Publications - Sensor Technology Article

Learn about the groundbreaking sensing technology behind BlakBear, developed by Giandrin Barandun, Max Grell, and Michael Kasimatis.

BlakBear Patent

Access our patent on: Electrical sensing of gases in packaged products and monitoring freshness or condition of perishable products.


The Next Web features BlakBear's impact on retailer supply chains

BlakBear features in an article published by The Next Web on European startups helping supermarkets to fight food waste.


Ada Ventures' investment in BlakBear

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Shelf life study: Does chicken breast last longer than its Use By label?

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Shelf life testing with BlakBear technology

Read about the Shelf life testing application of our technology.

Campden BRI's validation study on our sensing technology

Read about our validation study with Campden BRI, where they concluded our sensors have a 90% correlation with microbiological spoilage and sensory testing.