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End-to-end freshness management

Digitize every pack, add shelf life based on real supply chain data. Investigate the true impacts on shelf life within your supply chain.

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Monitor freshness of every pack in real time

Properietary wireless sensors with software monitoring, to provide real-time supply chain audits and end-to-end freshness management.


Our sensors measure spoilage bacteria and odor with 90% correlation.

Real-time visibility of every package

Monitor freshness, location and temperature impact from factory to retail store, on a package-level. Optimise your network with wireless sensors and access insights in real-time.

Unlock 1 day of shelf life,reduce chilled-food waste by 30%


Validated by major international labs

Campden BRI concluded our sensor data shows strong correlation (R>0.9) with microbiological and sensory testing.

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Simply place in the pack to measure the freshness across the shelf-life, compatible with chilled packaged foods.


Smart Labels

Game-changing RFID technology monitors freshness, temperature and location of every package through the entire supply chain.


AI Platform

Access our AI powered sensor data, supply chain audits and impact reports in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

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