Our technology

The industry’s first digital spoilage sensor and freshness platform for rapid shelf-life testing and odor prediction.


Proprietary wireless gas sensors that directly measure changes in volatiles and temperature of products across its life. Pack-level monitoring with a 90% correlation to microbiological spoilage and sensory testing.

Patented gas-sensing technology

Measures temperature, spoilage, humidity

Small form-factor for smooth integration


Our Dashboard provides real-time visibility into the true shelf life of products. Start quality tests, access insights and analyze results all in one platform and stay ahead of the product’s spoilage.

Start and track quality tests on-site or remotely

Built-in graphing, analysis and reporting

Access spoilage predictions

Freshness Model

Our AI model gives microbiology and sensory scores, enabling shelf life forecasts before the end of tests. Customers use the Dashboard to get ahead of shelf life testing.

AI powered model

Accurate spoilage forecasts

Pack level-insights

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