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Shelf life testing

Digital shelf-life testing with gas sensors connected to the cloud. Patented sensors with 90% correlation to microbiological and sensory testing.

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Measure the full shelf-life from a single pack

Sensor and temperature data, every minute, through the entire shelf-life.


Our sensors strongly correlate with spoilage organisms and organoleptics.

Rapid testing to get ahead of shelf life

Shelf life testing without external labs or sensory panels, just place a sensor in a pack. AI software predicts shelf life and Use by date after just a few days so you can get ahead of shelf life, no more waiting for results.

Quality monitoring in one AI-powered platform

Visualize AI-powered sensor data on our web application in real time. Get alerts, export data reports, and see trends across all your sites and products.

Reduce product waste and testing costs by 80%.


Our sensors have 90% correlation with microbiological spoilage organisms

Campden BRI concluded our sensor data shows strong correlation (R>0.9) with microbiological and sensory testing.

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Simply place in the pack to measure the freshness across the shelf-life, compatible with chilled packaged foods.


Plug-and-play device that sends data to the web application, from any sensors in their vicinity.

AI Platform

Access our AI powered sensor data and shelf life predictions in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

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